VR6 Turbo 3.2 24V exhaust manifold (V-band)


There are a lot of different VR6 exhausts available on the market and on our store, but if you need an exhaust manifold for your 3.2L 24v VR6 that has a V-band connection then this is what we have to offer. This high-flow manifold is precision crafted to suit the expectations of even the most demanding car enthusiasts. Available for both small or big port VR6 engines.

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VR6 3.2 24V Exhaust Manifold with V-Band

Upgrade the performance of your VR6 engine with Krabifab engineered VR6 turbo 3.2 24V exhaust manifold, specifically designed for use with a Tial exhaust housing. This premium exhaust manifold is an essential upgrade for anyone looking to enhance the efficiency and power output of their 24V Turbo VR6 engine.

High-Quality Construction: Our manifold is crafted from top-grade 321 stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional strength and resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosion. This ensures your manifold not only performs optimally but also stands the test of time, even under harsh conditions.

Expert Welding for Durability: Each manifold is fully TIG welded and back purged, guaranteeing the highest welding quality. This meticulous process ensures the manifold is robust and leak-free, providing reliable performance without the risk of cracking or failure under stress.

Optimized for Tial Exhaust Housing: Designed to fit seamlessly with Tial exhaust housings, this manifold aids in achieving a precise and efficient exhaust flow, critical for maximizing the performance of your turbocharged VR6 engine. It ensures that exhaust gases are expelled quickly and efficiently, reducing turbo lag and improving throttle response.

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Key Features and Benefits of the VR6 turbo 3.2 24V exhaust manifold:

  • Material Excellence: Constructed from durable 321 stainless steel for maximum longevity and resistance to high-temperature degradation.
  • Precision Welding: Fully TIG welded and back purged to ensure impeccable strength and integrity.
  • Tailored for Tial: Optimized to complement Tial exhaust housings, enhancing overall turbo efficiency and performance.
  • Custom Flange Options: Available with custom flange configurations including T3, T4 single or divided, or V-band, catering to your specific setup and preferences.

Ideal for Performance Enthusiasts: Whether you’re upgrading your track car or refining your performance vehicle, this VR6 exhaust manifold is engineered to unlock the potential of your 3.2L VR6 engine. It is an essential component for achieving a high-performing 24V turbo exhaust system, providing significant gains in power and efficiency. While your at it order the Exhaust manifold gaskets also.


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