Volkswagen VR6

In this category, you’ll find everything related to the Volkswagen VR6, such as 24v VR6 intake manifolds, 24v VR6 short runner intake manifolds, 3.2 VR6 intake manifolds, VR6 water pumps, and more. Our goal is to support VR5 and VR6 engine enthusiasts with high-quality parts and kits that allow for extensive customization and performance enhancement. Dive into our selection and discover the perfect parts for your project today.

VR6 Head Gaskets & Timing Chain Kits

Essential for maintaining your VR6’s performance, our head gaskets and timing chain kits are top picks for reliability. We specialize in much sought-after parts such as VR6 head gaskets and VR6 timing chain kits, ensuring your engine runs smoothly and efficiently. For those looking to boost performance, our VR6 turbo manifold and 24v VR6 turbo components offer the perfect solution for a significant power upgrade.

Turbo Upgrades

VR6 turbo exhaust manifold
Elevate power with our VR6 turbo manifold and 24v VR6 turbo kits, designed for maximum efficiency and performance. Our high-flowing exhaust manifolds are another highlight, designed to improve exhaust efficiency and overall engine performance. These components are a must-have for any VR6 owner looking to get the most out of their vehicle.

DIY Intake Manifolds
Exploded image of DIY intake manifold parts Krabifab makes

Customize your intake system with our 24v VR6 intake manifold kits. Choose from DIY options for welding enthusiasts or opt for pre-assembled for convenience.

FSI Engine Specialties

For FSI models, explore our 3.2/3.6 FSI injector delete kits and VR6 water pump replacements tailored to enhance engine response.

This category is your go-to for Volkswagen VR6 parts, offering everything from maintenance essentials to performance upgrades.