Performance racing parts

Discover unparalleled performance racing parts enhancements for your Volksvagen VR6 engine. Catering to mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts worldwide, we offer an extensive collection of CNC machined/tig welded products designed specifically for VR6 powered vehicles. From custom intake DIY kits to robust exhaust manifolds and DQ500 gearbox swap kits, our products are engineered to support power levels up to 1000hp, ensuring your vehicle not only meets but exceeds performance expectations. And we’ll help you brake all the power down also using our big brake kits.

VR6 performance

KrabiFab stands out with its deep knowledge of VR6 engines, competitive pricing, and ability to deliver custom parts worldwide at unbeatable shipping rates. Whether you’re upgrading your brakes, enhancing engine performance, or customizing your vehicle’s gearbox, our products promise not only top-tier performance but also aesthetic appeal with options for anodised finishes in vibrant colors.

Embrace the full potential of your VR6 with KrabiFab performance racing parts

Our expertise in VR6 engines and commitment to quality materialize in every product, from intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds to rods, pistons, and comprehensive installation kits. Choose from a variety of plug’n’play or DIY kits tailored for both transverse and longitudinal VR5/VR6 engines, embracing the full spectrum from 2.3 20V to the formidable 3.6 FSI VR6 engines.