Longitudinal 3.2 24v VR6 Turbo Exhaust Manifold


Get the full potential out of your longitudinally mounted VR6 engine with our high-flow exhaust manifold, designed specifically for the unique setup of VR6 engines in non-factory configurations. Ideal for enthusiasts who have embarked on a VR6 longitudinal swap, such as integrating a VR6 engine into Audi B5 or Passat B5 or some other chassis, this Longitudinal 3.2 24v VR6 Turbo exhaust manifold is a critical component in maximizing the engine’s performance.

Please specify your setup for us and tell us what you are planning on running. What turbo, what flange, what connection type etc. and we’ll craft you the best manifold for your project!


Key Features of Longitudinal 3.2 24v VR6 Turbo Exhaust Manifold:

  • Robust Construction: Made from 321 stainless steel, our manifold is built to withstand the rigorous conditions of high-performance applications, ensuring durability and a long service life.
  • Precision Welding: Each manifold is fully TIG welded and back purged, ensuring strong, leak-free welds that stand up to the thermal stresses of turbocharged operations.
  • Engine Compatibility: Specifically designed for the 3.2 24V VR6 engine, this manifold facilitates a seamless integration with longitudinal setups found in platforms like the VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, or VW Phaeton, as well as custom swaps.
  • Turbo Support: Engineered to fit the Garrett G-35-1050 turbocharger, this manifold optimizes exhaust flow and turbo spooling, significantly enhancing the engine’s power output and responsiveness.
  • Customization Options: Tailor your manifold to your specific needs with various flange options, including T3, T4 (single or divided), or V-band, providing flexibility for different turbo setups and ensuring a perfect match for your project.

3.2/3.6 FSI VR6 Turbo exhaust manifold for transverse mounted engines


Whether you’re completing a VR6 swap in your Audi or Passat or optimizing a factory longitudinal VR6, this exhaust manifold is designed to deliver unparalleled performance, improving throttle response, and increasing power across the rev range. It’s an essential upgrade for any VR6 enthusiast looking to get the most out of their longitudinal setup. Enhance your project with our exhaust manifold and experience a new level of VR6 performance.


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