Image of CNC machined parts Krabifab CNC milling offers. Everything from CAD design to 3D modelling to a top quality finished products

CNC Milling

Flexible Production Times for Precision CNC Milling

Whether you need a simple component based on an existing CAD design or a more complex, bespoke item, our flexible approach ensures we work closely with you to meet your timeline without compromising on quality. Our streamlined process allows for rapid production of simpler designs, while more intricate projects are meticulously planned and executed to meet your specific CNC milling needs.

Customizable Finishing Options to Meet Your Needs

Our finishing capabilities range from basic bare metal to a super smooth CNC finish and specialized anodizing for aluminum, available in various colors to suit your project. We offer additional polishing services to achieve the exact aesthetic and functional requirements you desire, ensuring each piece meets your exact specifications.

Proven Expertise in Automotive Innovation

Our portfolio boasts the development of some of the most efficient intake and exhaust systems for a wide range of engines, including renowned VR6 models. Beyond our acclaimed VAG group components, we’ve engineered high-performance parts for MK4 and MK5 Supras, drift cars, and drag racers, all underscored by our rigorous in-house testing and global user feedback. Our ability to 3D model components ensures precise fitment and optimal performance, highlighting our dedication to innovation and quality. Check out our online store and you see the quality of our work.

Limitless CNC Milling Possibilities with Advanced Technology

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with CNC machining is reflected in our use of advanced technologies, including 3D scanning, to guarantee seamless assembly and fit. We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle virtually any project that fits within our machines, transforming complex challenges into tangible solutions.

Exceptional Quality Control

In a field where precision is paramount, our mantra of ‘measure nine times, cut once’ underscores our meticulous attention to detail. We rely on expert CAD design, regular tool maintenance, and thorough testing and fitting before dispatch to uphold our standard of excellence. With a dedicated quality control specialist overseeing each project, we ensure the delivery of superior products that consistently exceed expectations.

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