VR6 DQ500 Dual Mass Flywheel


Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF): A dual mass flywheel is designed to reduce engine vibrations and provide smoother transmission engagement. This is especially important for diesel engines and performance vehicles where torque delivery can be aggressive. The DMF helps in protecting the drivetrain by absorbing these forces. When discussing the “10-bolt DQ500 dual mass flywheel,” you’re typically looking at a component that’s essential for high-performance or heavy-duty applications where the DQ500 transmission is used. This specific flywheel would be an integral part of the drivetrain, ensuring that the power transfer from the engine to the transmission is as smooth and efficient as possible, reducing wear and enhancing the vehicle’s performance.

What’s included in the VR6 DQ500 Dual Mass Flywheel kit:

  • 10 bolt Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Flywheel Bolt Kit


DQ500 is a robust 7-speed DSG (direct-shift gearbox) designed by Volkswagen Group. It’s known for handling higher torque levels compared to other DSG models, making it suitable for more powerful vehicles. Nowdays it is becoming the gearbox to choos if you want to handle powerlevels of up to 1000hp which the DQ500 is capable of.

10-Bolt Configuration: The term “10-bolt” refers to the mounting system of the flywheel onto the engine’s crankshaft, which, in this case, uses ten bolts. This design is crucial for ensuring that the flywheel is securely attached, capable of handling the engine’s power, and maintaining alignment and balance.

In terms of availability and application, such a flywheel is much sought after in performance automotive circles, especially among those looking to upgrade or maintain vehicles equipped with the DQ500 gearbox. It is particularly relevant for those dealing with engine VR6 swaps or performance enhancements where the DQ500 is being adapted to a different engine or a higher performance scenario than it was originally designed for.

Doing a DQ500 swap? Got driveshafts? 



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