DQ500 Shifter Adapter


Enhance your DQ500 gearbox swap with our precision-engineered Shifter Adapter Kit. Designed for seamless integration, this kit includes an OE mounting bracket, OE circlip, and a custom adjustable rod with a ball joint, ensuring smooth and precise gear changes. These are needed for your driving experience and for optimal performance.

DQ500 Shifter Adapter kit includes:

  • OE mounting bracket
  • OE circlip
  • Custom adjustable rod with ball joint

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Complete Your DQ500 Gearbox Swap with Our Essential Shifter Adapter Kit

Experience the ultimate driving pleasure with our Shifter Adapter Kit, meticulously designed to complement your DQ500 gearbox swap. This kit is indispensable for achieving the renowned smooth and responsive gear changes that the DQ500 is famous for. To maximize the potential of your DQ500 gearbox swap, consider integrating our kit with a 10-bolt DQ500 Dual Mass Flywheel, designed to provide exceptional vibration dampening and torque transfer efficiency. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of a sturdy Transfer Case Mount to ensure the entire drivetrain’s stability and alignment, crucial for both performance and longevity.

Did you get the transfer case mount for your DQ500 swap?

Key Features of the DQ500 Shifter Adapter:

OE-Quality Mounting Bracket: Our kit includes a robust mounting bracket that securely attaches to the gearbox side, ensuring durability and reliability.
Precision Circlip: Utilize the included OE circlip for a perfect fit and effortless installation, guaranteeing that your gearbox is equipped for peak performance.
Custom Adjustable Rod with Ball Joint: Tailor your driving experience with our adjustable rod, featuring a high-quality ball joint for unparalleled shift accuracy and responsiveness.
Enhance Your Setup:


Why Choose Our Kit?

Optimized for DQ500: Specifically developed for DQ500 gearbox applications, our kit facilitates the precise gear selection and smooth driving experience you desire.
High-Quality Components: We use only OE or equivalent quality parts to ensure your modification stands the test of time and performance.
Technical Support: Our expert team is available to assist with installation and to answer any technical questions, ensuring you get the most out of your gearbox swap.
Elevate your vehicle’s performance and enjoy the confidence of a well-engineered shifter mechanism with our Shifter Adapter Kit. Perfect for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike, this kit is your key to unlocking an enhanced driving experience.”

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