DQ500 Adapter for Vr6


Transform your VR6 engine with our DQ500 Adapter. Expertly crafted for seamless integration, this kit includes adapter plates, custom housing machining, and all necessary bolts. Ideal for unleashing the full potential of your engine.

DQ500 adapter kit includes:

  • Adapter plates
  • Housing machining
  • Bolts


Why Choose Our DQ500 Adapter?

Our DQ500 adapter is the key to harnessing the DQ500’s potential in VR6 engines. They are precision-crafted using advanced CNC machining techniques, ensuring a perfect fit and unmatched performance.

The most powerful DSG gearbox in the VAG Group from the factory, capable of handling 1000hp is the DQ500. Sadly, the DQ500 gearbox didn’t come with the VR6 engines and does not fit bolt-on to the engine.

To fit a DQ500 box to a Vr6 engine some custom and some new parts are needed to do the dq500 swap properly. You need a custom gearbox adapter. In addition to it, a 10-bolt flywheel. And a custom transfer case bracket to mount teverything to a VR6 engine. All you have to do is send us your gearbox’s bellhousing and we will provide you the spacer since the body needs some machining.

Stop looking for that 10 bolt VR6 DQ500 Dual Mass Flywheel! Get it here! 

With Krabifab performance parts, engines that come from the factory with a VR6 engine can have the DQ500 box fitted. The OE wiring harness will work in case of a replacement wiring harness, which will also be available in our online store soon. Please make a request for that separately.

Important note: Price does not include delivery costs. Client must send gearbox’s bellhousing at his/hers own costs to and from Krabifab.ee (Estonia, Tamme 35A, Kambja Vald, 61715 Tartumaa)


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