Golf mk5/mk6/Passat B6/B7 dual caliper brake adapters(rear)


Upgrade those OE small rear brakes to match your cars overall performance and style. These brake adapters will allow you to fit 4-pot Brembo brake calipers AND keep the original calipers along with the e-brake. With these adapters you can fit 345mm discs to the rear axle of your Golf mk5/mk6/Passat B6/B7.

Brake adapter kit includes:

  • 2x brake adapters


High-Performance Dual Brake Adapters for Golf mk5/mk6, Passat B6/B7  – Upgrade Your Ride’s Braking performance and Style

Key Features:

    • Dual Caliper Setup: Our cutting-edge brake adapters allow for a dual caliper configuration, significantly enhancing your vehicle’s braking power. This setup includes 2x brackets to seamlessly integrate with your original caliper while adding the option to fit a high-performance 4-pot brake caliper (not included in the kit).
    • Compatibility: Expertly designed for Golf mk5/mk6, Passat B6/B7 vehicles and similar cars.
    • Large Disc Support: Upgrade to 345mm brake discs on the rear axle, a substantial increase from standard sizes, ensuring greater braking efficiency and safety.
    • E-Brake Compatibility: Maintain your vehicle’s original e-brake functionality. The OE caliper remains attached to the e-brake cable, while the braking fluid is redirected to the new, more robust caliper.
    • Stylish Design: Not only do these adapters boost performance, but they also enhance your car’s aesthetic, particularly when paired with larger, 18″ or above rims.
    • Quality and Durability: Crafted to fit seamlessly into your existing setup, our adapters easily align with M12 bolts in the old support, assuring a robust and lasting upgrade.
    • Adaptable and Versatile: Designed to be used with the original support and caliper, our adapters allow for the addition of Brembo 4-piston auxiliary brake calipers, offering unparalleled versatility in customization.

Product Details:

Note: The kit includes ONLY adapters.
Fits to Aluminium bearing housing.
Brembo 17Z/18Z Brembo calipers bolt kit is sold separately, Brembo calipers are not included.

Enhance the performance and appearance of your Golf mk5/mk6, Passat B6/B7 with KrabiFab’s premium brake adapters. Our dual caliper setup not only significantly upgrades your braking efficiency but also adds a sleek, powerful look to your car. Ideal for car enthusiasts looking to improve both function and style, these brake adapters are an essential addition to your vehicle upgrade kit.

Elevate your driving experience with KrabiFab’s High-Performance Dual Brake Adapters – the ultimate choice for car enthusiasts seeking superior braking performance and style.


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