Golf mk5/mk6/mk7 Front Big Brake Kit


Elevate your VW Golf/GTI/Golf R Mk5/6/7’s performance with our Front Big Brake Kit. Featuring Brembo 18z 6pot calipers and Mercedes-Benz 350mm brake discs, this kit is an ideal upgrade for enhanced braking efficiency. Designed for 18″+ wheels, it’s perfect for those seeking a superior brake system.

Full front Big Brake Kit includes: 

  • 2 x 350mm drilled brake discs
  • 2 x braided stainless brake lines
  • 2 x Refurbished brembo 18z calipers
  • 2 x Center rings
  • 4 x OEM bolts for calipers
  • Front brake pads kit


Transform Your Ride with the Ultimate Golf Mk5/Mk6/Mk7 Front Big Brake Kit – Unleash Exceptional Stopping Power!

Elevate your driving experience with our premium Golf Mk5/Mk6/Mk7 Front Big Brake Kit, expertly designed for car enthusiasts who demand exceptional performance. Our comprehensive kit is a game-changer for VW Golf5, Golf6, Scirocco, Audi A3, TT Mk2, and Seat Leon 1P models. Experience the pinnacle of braking technology, tailored to enhance your vehicle’s capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Superior 350mm Drilled Brake Discs: Dive into unmatched braking responsiveness with our 350mm drilled discs. These high-performance discs ensure optimal heat dissipation, reducing brake fade and boosting your confidence in every stop.
  • Advanced Braided Stainless Brake Lines: Our braided stainless lines offer a significant upgrade over standard lines. They deliver a firmer brake pedal feel, precise control, and long-lasting durability, even under strenuous driving conditions.
  • Refurbished Brembo 18z Calipers: Experience the power of Brembo with our expertly refurbished 18z calipers. Known for their exceptional quality, these calipers provide unparalleled stopping power and reliability.
  • Custom Center Rings & OEM Bolts: We’ve included precisely engineered center rings and OEM bolts for a seamless fit. This ensures a hassle-free installation and optimal alignment, essential for peak performance.
  • High-Grade Front Brake Pads Kit: Our kit includes top-tier front brake pads, chosen for their superior friction capabilities and endurance. They’re designed to match the enhanced performance of your new brake setup, offering consistent and responsive braking.

Compatibility & Installation: This kit is a perfect fit for various models, including VW Golf5, Golf6, Scirocco, Audi A3, TT Mk2, and Seat Leon 1P. We recommend professional installation to ensure safety and optimal functionality.

Boost Your Car’s Performance: Ideal for car enthusiasts and those seeking custom brakes for an exhilarating driving experience. Whether it’s for daily driving, spirited road use, or occasional track days, our kit delivers.

Why Choose Our Big Brake Kit?

  • Custom-designed for VW and Audi models.
  • High-quality, reliable components.
  • Enhanced safety and performance.
  • Professional-grade materials for longevity.

Upgrade your vehicle’s braking system with our Golf Mk5/Mk6/Mk7 Front Big Brake Kit. Embrace the power of custom, big brake calipers and enjoy a superior driving experience. Order yours today and feel the difference in every stop!

This Golf mk5/mk6/mk7 Front Big Brake Kit Fits to:

VW Golf5, Golf6, Scirocco, Audi A3, TT mk2, Seat Leon 1P


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