Brembo 17Z/18Z calipers bolt kit


You absolutely need this Brembo 17Z/18Z calipers bolt kit to secure your new or refurbished calipers safely. And nicely. Keep the look professional with these original equipment parts and do not worry about them rusting away as soon as you hit the road.

Brembo 17Z/18Z calipers bolt kit includes

4x factory original bolts
4x self-locking nuts
4x sleeves
2x centering rings to use Mercedes’s 350mm brake disks.




These are VAG original equipment bolts know for their durability and strenght. With this Brembo 17Z/18Z  calipers bolt kit you can keep the original look which we know many of our customers and VR6 enthusiasts around the world  like very much. 

This bolt kit allows fitment of Brembo 17Z/18Z  calipers to VW Golf Mk5, Mk6 GTI G32, Seat Leon and Audi A3. With included centering rings you can use Mercedes 350mm discs to get that beast stopped properly when doing high speed runs. 

Mounting kit is supplied with self-locking nuts and 10.9 strength bolts and caliper mounting sleeves. Since the factory bolts for these Brembo calipers is 16mm, and OE bolts of your VW or Audi strut towers are 14mm you need sleeves to go with the bolts. Of course KrabiFab precision is used to quarantee perfect fitment. 

Benefits of using KrabiFab Brembo 17Z/18Z calipers bolt kit

So the problem with other suppliers’ Brembo 17Z/18Z calipers bolt kit is that, while they say these will not rust, well, they do start to rust quite quickly. Plus most of them are black in color which might stand out too much depending on your setup. If of course you have everything painted black that’s another story.

And most of them use 12.9 strenght bolts saying it as an advantage. Really there is no advantage plus as said before, they will rust. But this is not the cast with Krabifab bolts. So the decision is yours.

These bolts can also be used with our KrabiFab dual caliper brake adapters and, in fact, are included also in our Golf mk5/mk6/mk7 Front Big Brake Kit. 

Amount needed varies depending on installation location (front or rear) and if dual caliper adapters are used.  


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