Intake Manifolds

Our intake manifold inventory is a treasure trove for those seeking to enhance their VR6 engine’s performance breathing-wize. In this category you will find VR6 intake manifolds for older 2.8L 24V, and 3.2 24 valve VR6 engines aswell as newer 3.2 and 3.6L FSI VR6 engines. And yeah, we have them both for transverse and longitudinal setups.

For the VR5 DIY enthusiast, we offer innovative DIY kits for intake manifolds. These kits range from simple cylinder head flanges for intake or exhaust manifolds to comprehensive kits consisting of pre-cut parts ready for welding. If you have skills in welding aluminium, our kits allow for a truly customized experience. Just pick wether you have the longitudinal VR5 2.3 20v intake manifold setup or transverse intake manifold setup.

Anodized intake manifolds

Our fully assembled VR6 intake manifolds for a plug-and-play solution are available in an array of anodized colors like blue, pink, green, and yellow. So not only will you enhance performance but also add a personalized touch to your enginebay. Why not go all the way and differ from others? Stand out from the crowd especially since it is that affordable!