VR5 2.3 20V intake manifold DIY kit(Transverse)


Customize and build your own intake manifold with our VR5 transverse DIY intake manifold Kit designed for transverse-mounted VR5 engines. This kit provides essential high-quality components tailored for welding enthusiasts looking to enhance their engine’s performance.

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2.3 20V VR5 Transverse DIY Intake Manifold Kit VR5 DIY intake manifold Kit

For automotive enthusiasts skilled in aluminum welding, our DIY Intake Manifold Kit for transverse-mounted VR5 engines offers everything needed to create a customized intake system. This comprehensive VR5 transverse DIY intake manifold Kit is designed to fit seamlessly with your transverse engine layout, enhancing both performance and efficiency.

Kit Includes:

  • VR5 2.3 20V Cylinder Head Flange (1 pc.): Ensures a perfect seal and precise fit for your engine.
  • ø45 Aluminum Elbow (5 pcs.): Provides flexibility in manifold design, allowing for optimal airflow paths.
  • ø89 Aluminum Elbow (1 pc.): Facilitates larger volume air flow into the plenum.
  • Plenum Flange (1 pc.): Forms a sturdy base for the sheet metal plenum attachment.
  • Sheet Metal Plenum (1 pc.): Optimizes air distribution to the engine, enhancing performance.
  • VR6 2.8 24V DBW to 89mm Pipe Adapter (1 pc.): Adapts larger throttle bodies to the system, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Vacuum Plate (1 pc.): Customizable for adding or adjusting vacuum points as needed.
  • Oil Level Dipstick Bracket Stud (1 pc.): Securely mounts the oil level dipstick, crucial for transverse setups.
  • O-Rings for Cylinder Head Flange and DBW Flange: Maintain an airtight seal to maximize efficiency and performance.

Customization Options: This kit is designed with adaptability in mind. Whether you need additional vacuum points or different DBW flange sizes, you can tailor the components to fit your specific requirements. Modify your kit by specifying changes during the order process or by contacting us directly at info@krabifab.ee.

Ideal for Skilled Enthusiasts: This kit is perfect for those who have the skills to weld aluminum but need precision-engineered parts to complete their projects. Our pre-cut components allow you to focus on assembly and customization, ensuring a high-quality intake manifold tailored to your performance needs.

Equip your transverse-mounted VR5 engine with a professionally designed intake manifold that meets your exact specifications. Order your VR5 transverse DIY intake manifold Kit today and take the first step towards unlocking your engine’s full potential!

Don’t know how to weld aluminium? We have a full VR5 intake manifold ready for delivery! 




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