Perfect to use with stock pistons IF they are still in a good shape! You’ll lower the engines copression ratio and ultimately save money by not having to spend an extra 500-1000€ on forged pistons. Made to be used with standard pistons and Turbo

Part number FCPRHVW16156820B3/8
FCP Engineering H-beam forged steel connecting rods 161mm
Audi A3 / TT – 3.2 Turbo (BFH, BML)
VW Golf / New Beetle R32 – 3.2 Turbo (BFH, BML)
VW Passat – 3.6 Turbo (BWS, BHK, CDVA)



VR6 H-beam rods for stock pistons

Manufacturer: FCP Engineering
Model: FCPRHVW16156820B3/8

Maximize your VR6 engine’s performance while keeping upgrade costs down with FCP Engineering’s H-Beam Forged Steel Connecting Rods. These 161mm rods are engineered to be compatible with stock pistons, making them an ideal choice for engine builds that incorporate turbocharging without the additional cost of new pistons.


  • Profile: H-beam for optimal strength and durability
  • Center to Center (C to C): 161mm, precisely designed to match original engine specifications
  • Big End Diameter: 56.8mm; ensures a secure fit with the crankshaft
  • Pin Diameter: 20mm; compatible with standard piston pins
  • Material: Made from high-quality forged steel 4340 (EN24er), known for its toughness and high tensile strength
  • Horsepower Rating: Capable of supporting up to 800HP in a 6-cylinder configuration
  • RPM Rating: Designed to perform up to 9000 RPM, suitable for high-performance applications
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use with standard pistons and intended for turbocharged setups

**Benefits of Reduced Compression Ratio

  • Enhanced Turbo Performance: Lower compression ratios are more suitable for turbocharged applications, allowing you to run higher boost levels with reduced risk of engine knock and detonation.
  • Improved Engine Efficiency: A lower compression ratio can aid in cooling the combustion chamber, which is particularly beneficial under the high heat conditions generated by turbo engines.
  • Increased Tuning Versatility: Lowering the compression ratio gives tuners more flexibility with ignition timing and fuel mixtures, which can lead to optimized performance across various operating conditions.

Important Considerations:

  • Piston Health: It is crucial to ensure that the stock pistons are in good health before pairing them with these H-beam rods. Inspect the pistons for any signs of wear, damage, or fatigue to avoid potential failures and ensure maximum performance and durability.
  • Professional Installation Recommended: Due to the precise nature of performance engine building, professional installation is advised to ensure that all components are correctly fitted and balanced for optimal performance and longevity.

Whether you’re upgrading for better street performance or preparing for competitive racing, FCP Engineering’s H-Beam rods offer a reliable and cost-effective solution. By retaining your well-maintained stock pistons, you can achieve significant performance improvements while managing your budget effectively. Perfect for VR6 owners looking to extract maximum power from their engines without a complete overhaul.

Spend the money you saved from new forged pistons on a new VR6 exhaust manifold



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